Dear students and researchers,

Surface texturing and structuring of materials at the micro- and nanoscale is attracting interest for advanced technologies and practical applications in various fields such as energy harvesting, functional surfaces, medicine and biological systems. Laser Induced Periodical Surface Structures (LIPSS) are at the focus of numerous projects in many European and global institutions and research facilities. Publications highlighting LIPSS-related findings in a wide range of scientific journals indicate a continuous upward trend in the development of surface structuring.

We are glad to announce the 12th Int. LIPSS Workshop in Leipzig that aims at welcoming all scientists from the laser community, including those from the ion/electron beams community, to share recent progress in LIPSS formation and surface structuring mechanisms through experimental and theoretical approaches. With the technical assistance and support from the Leibniz Institute of Surface Engineering (IOM) and German Research Foundation (DFG) we hope to offer a beautiful and stimulating environment for the success of this workshop.

Following the previous events in Ljubljana (2019), Orleans (2022) and Madrid, the twelfth LIPSS workshop in Leipzig will discuss the phenomenon of LIPSS based on recent progress and studies. LIPSS generation is a complex topic considering a wide range of materials (polymers, oxides, metal alloys and compounds, carbon hybrid surfaces...) using different laser sources from short to ultrashort pulses. The twelfth LIPSS workshop will additionally explore how the LIPSS investigation can be related to similar surface self-organization effects in neighbouring surface modification processes. The workshop will also address various aspects of the science and technology of LIPSS, ranging from fundamentals to more applied aspects such as large area processing, as well as real applications and possible implementation in an industrial setting.


This workshop is intended for all researchers, scientists and students working on LIPSS formation at European and international universities, research centers and institutes, as well as in the private sector. Attendees will have the opportunity to bring their questions to leaders in the field of laser-matter interaction for material processing. The workshop will take place in person to provide maximum interaction between participants.

The workshop is free of charge and registration includes coffee breaks, lunches and the workshop’s Gala dinner. A maximum number of 40 attendees can register.